The Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics at Colorado School of Mines is a focal point for exciting technological developments in advanced ceramics.

The CCAC actively pursues ceramics research and education and serves as a national resource of expertise and facilities that industry can draw on to make decisions on the synthesis, processing, and performance of advanced ceramics and composites.

The Center educates materials scientists and engineers with the interdisciplinary skills necessary to design and manufacture the ceramic components and composites of the future.

Established in 1988, the Center now has five core faculty members fully devoted to promoting ceramics research and education. Additionally, several faculty from various departments at Colorado School of Mines participate in the Center’s activities, creating a truly multidisciplinary environment.

Between 15 and 30 graduate students are funded through CCAC during any given year, through sources such as the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, U.S. Army Research Office, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and a variety of industrial and national laboratory sources. Research projects cover a broad range of topics from atomic structure, processing, microstructure, and properties.