The Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics (CCAC) at Colorado School of Mines is a focal point for exciting technological developments in advanced ceramics. The Center actively pursues ceramics research and education and serves as a national resource of expertise and facilities that industry can draw on to make decisions on the synthesis, processing, and performance of advanced ceramics and composites. The Center educates materials scientists and engineers with the interdisciplinary skills necessary to design and manufacture the ceramic components and composites of the future.



October 2013

Several news stories have featured Dr. Ivan Cornejo, Dr. Subramanian Ramalingam (a recent graduate and current postdoc in CCAC), and Dr. Ivar Reimanis regarding their work on converting waste to glass.  Please see: CSM story, Denver Post story, and Corning, Inc story.


APRIL 2013

Senior Scott Harper has received the school-wide Waltman Award.  The Waltman Award winner is recognized by CSM for his/her school and community activities, academic excellence and promise in the future.



The CCAC Student Conference has launched a website.



CCAC welcomes Dr. Ivan Cornejo to our group. Dr. Cornejo serves as a Research Professor at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Dr. Cornejo has over 20 years of experience in glass, glass-ceramics, and ceramic research and development.




Prof. Brian Gorman has been elected as a Director on the Microanalysis Society Executive Council.



The Structural Ceramics Group has launched a group website.


Prof. Ryan O'Hayre has been awarded a Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists.  This competative and prestigious appointment will allow him to spend his sabbatical at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, which is one of the largest and most well knows CAS labs in China (similar to the US National Lab system).  He will be involved with fuel cell, catalyst and membrane research.


Prof. Hongjun Liang has received NSF funding for a project to develop nanoparticle-pinched polymer brushes for cost-effective microalgae harvesting and biofuel production.  Profs. David Wu and Matthew Prosewitz from Chemistry will be participating in the study.

Scott Harper, a Senior at the Colorado School of Mines in the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, talks about his summer at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.

CCAC Conference - August 2012 - Estes Park, CO

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