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Dr. Ivan A. Cornejo, PhD

Research Professor

Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Office: 303-273-3037

Bio - Ivan A. Cornejo, PhD.


Dr. Cornejo serves as a Research Professor at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Colorado School of Mines.  He received his Ph.D. in Material Science (Ceramics) in 1994, and his M.Sc. in Material Science in 1991, both from Colorado School of Mines.  He received his B.A. in Education in Physics and Mathematics in 1986 from the Universidad of Santiago of Chile.


Dr. Cornejo has over 20 years of experience in glass, glass-ceramics, and ceramic research and development.  He is an experienced leader with proven track records of technology delivery in fast-paced business environments with an outstanding ability to drive results through motivating and developing people.  He has extensive cross-functional experience in research and development, both in academic and business settings. Recently, he served as the Global Research Director of Glass Research at Corning Incorporated where he delivered many new technologies for use in products for ultra-low loss fiber for telecom, novel glass compositions for LCD displays, chemical strengthened glass for mobile applications, fundamental understanding of defects in high purity fused silica, and new glass frits for display sealing and energy applications.  Among these contributions are:


1.  Corning® Gorilla® Glass (I, II and III) for handheld and mobile devices.

2.  Jade® Glass for advanced LTPS displays

3.  Lotus™ Glass for high performance displays

4.  EAGLE XG® glass for LCD displays.  This is the industry’s first glass with no added arsenic, antimony, barium or halides.


Dr. Cornejo has mentored many students (graduate and undergraduate) and scientists (in industry and academic settings) during his career.  He promoted the first female to Research Fellow in Corning Incorporated in 2002 and established The Stookey Award program with COE College in 2005 to motivate and reward undergraduate students to pursue scientific and/or engineering graduated studies.


Dr. Cornejo has been nominated three times (2006, 2007, and 2008) for the prestigious award “100 Most Important Hispanics in Technology and Business by the editors of Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology Magazine. In 1994 he received the Chilean National Award for Post-Doctoral Research Projects (FONDECYT).


Dr. Cornejo holds two patents and seven patent applications.  In addition, he has over twenty-five papers published in refereed professional journals.



Selected List of Documentation


Patents Granted

1. AU 2003271273B2; “Ultrasonic arrays of flexible piezoelectric transducer elements”, [Cited by 26]1999

2. EP 1066119 B1; “Flexible Transducers and Arrays Thereof”, [Cited by 11]1999


Published Patent Applications

1. I.A. Cornejo, S. Gomez,  L.A. Moore, and S. Tsuda, “Strengthened Glass Substrate Sheets and Methods for Fabricating Glass Panels from Glass Substrate Sheets,” United States Patent Application 2012/0196071 A1 (2012)

2. I.A. Cornejo, G.S. Glaesemann, S. Gomez, L.A. Moore, S. Tsuda, and  M.H. Wasilewski, “Methods for Forming Grooves and Separating Strengthened Glass Substrates,” United States Patent Application 2012/0135177 A1 (2012)

3. I.A. Cornejo, S. Gomez, J.M. Harris, L.A. Moore, and S. Tsuda, “Glass Interposer Panels And Methods For Making The Same,” United States Patent Application 2012/0048604 A1 (2012).

4. I.A. Cornejo, S. Gomez, R.A. Schaut, and S.A. Tietje, “Variable Temperature/Continuous Ion Exchange Process,” United States Patent Application 2011/0293942 A1 (2011).

5. I.A. Cornejo and S. Marjanovic, “Glass Structure Having Sub-Micron and Nano-Size Bandgap Structures and Method of Producing the Same,” United States Patent Application 2009/0260397 A1 (2009).



1. Ph.D. Thesis 1994, Colorado School of Mines (USA);  "Low Temperature Crystallization of Pb5Ge3O11-PbTiO3 and Pb5Ge3O11-Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Glass-Ceramic Systems with Multiple Ferroelectric Phases for Pyroelectric Applications"

2. M.Sc. Thesis 1991, Colorado School of Mines (USA) "Correlation of the Quantitative Meissner Effect, Thermoelectric Power, and Oxygen Content in YBa2Cu3O7-d High-Tc Ceramic Superconductors"

3. B.A. Mathematics and Physics 1987, Copyright 66593, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Chile) "La Simulación como Instrumento para la Enseñanza de la Física, Mediante el Microcomputador"


Peer Reviewed Publications

1. A. Ellison and I.A. Cornejo, “Glass Substrates for Liquid Crystal Displays,” International Journal of Applied Glass Science 1 [1] 87-103 (2010). [Cited by 32]

2. Gwenaëlle M. Lous, Iván A. Cornejo, Thomas F. McNulty, Ahmad Safari and Stephan C. Danforth, “Fabrication of Piezoelectric Ceramic/Polymer Composite Transducers Using Fused Deposition of Ceramics,” J.Am.Ceram. Soc. 83 [1] (2000): 124-128 [Cited by 50]

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Selected National and International Lectures

1. Badrinarayan, M K Dr (Badri) and Cornejo, Ivan A Dr, “Recent Advances in Glass and Glass Ceramics for Display & Specialty Applications,” 6/8/2007

2. Cornejo, Ivan A. Dr., “Science and Technology Overview,” XXI ICG Congress, Strasbourg, France, 6/22/2007

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