“The CoorsTek Research Fellows Program attracts students who have been recognized as top academics coming into School of Mines from all over the world. In 2017, South Korean National Yewon Shin joined the fellowship program, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree from South Korea’s Kyungpook National University. Yewon’s project focuses on defects of kinetics in Cathode and thermodynamics in Electrolyte.

One of the unique aspects of the CoorsTek Research Fellowship Program is the flexibility it allows the students to have not only in their academics, but also in life. PhD candidate Russell Gleason joined the program in 2017 after a successful teaching career. With three young daughters, Russell knew the importance of returning to school for his PhD but realized the financial struggle it would have on his family. The fellowship program gave him the ability to return to school without the added financial and time commitment. It also gave him the flexibility to study his area of interest, leveraging machine learning to predict microstructural and macroscopic properties of alumina.”

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