Gabriel Plummer, PhD candidate and CoorsTek Fellow in the Computational Materials Science and Design (CMSD) research group lead by ME Associate Professor Garritt Tuckerrecently published an article in Materials Today with an international team of scientists. Plummer’s article, “On the Origin of Kinking in Layered Crystalline Solids,” was chosen for the issue cover.

Plummer joined the CMSD research group in Fall 2018 after completing his BS and MS degrees at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. For his MS thesis, he studied the fundamental mechanical strength of MXenes, including the effects of point defects and chemical composition using atomistic modeling methods. Plummer received the prestigious CoorsTek fellowship for his PhD work at Mines, which focuses on enabling advanced functionality in two-dimensional materials through computation and experiments. The CoorsTek Research Fellows program, launched in 2014 in partnership with Colorado School of Mines, leads the way in academic ceramics research.

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