Dear CCAC Students,

Below are resources and reminders for CCAC students new and returning with respect to general lab expectations and COVID precautions.

Lab Expectations

If you are a new CCAC lab user, please familiarize yourself and complete the necessary lab orientation and questions at the following website: . This is a requirement for BlasterCard Access to our labs.

Please remember to wear proper PPE when working in CCAC labs, this includes long pants, closed-toed shoes, and protective eyewear at minimum. Gloves should not be worn outside of labs to avoid contaminating common surfaces.

EHS will be conducting the annual Safety and Waste Generator Training during the MME virtual seminar on September 10 at 4pm (  If this time does not work for you, EHS offers the Waste Generator Training class through Canvas.  To register, please email and request an invitation.  Be sure to include Canvas Hazardous Waste Generator Training in the subject line.

New graduate students and undergraduate students who will be working in campus shops and/or labs are required to attend the EHS General Lab Safety Training.  To register, email and request an invitation to complete this training.  Please include “Canvas General Laboratory Safety Training” in the subject line.

CCAC Lab Access / COVID Lab Precautions

For Hill Hall lab access, you must: 1. Request building access; 2. Create reservation for lab time in FOM (facility online manager); 3. Submit a Blastercard Access and/or Key Form. Hill Hall Blaster Card access is managed by Stacey Lucero ( in the main MME office. An email approval from your advisor or Kelly Ragland is sufficient, you don’t need a wet signature for BlasterCard access.

For the latest information regarding Hill Hall building access, please visit this page and click on the “Building Access During COVID-19” option:

This year has shown new and ever changing challenges due to the global pandemic. To help stop the spread CCAC labs and offices have restrictions on room capacities. Please use the FOM system ( to reserve and document lab times, this helps enforce social distancing and collect important contact tracing information. Work with officemates (ex: Google calendar) to schedule office time.

The following are the rules of lab engagement during the pandemic: .


The new required undergraduate course MTGN314L is now in full swing, so the CCAC labs (MTGN351, 375, and 377 in particular) are going to see a lot of use for class activities. The students will be using FOM to reserve lab space and the pieces of equipment that are on FOM, and they’re subject to the same rules and boundary conditions as everyone else, so hopefully there aren’t any major surprises or bottlenecks. This is just to let everyone know why you might be seeing some new faces in the labs. If there are any questions or problems at all with the 314L students, please contact Geoff Brennecka.

Campus COVID Information

We hope you are staying healthy and informed about COVID resources on campus. The university posts updates at the following: . Please report confirmed cases at the following: .

Mental Health Resources

We recognize this is a challenging time conducting research at a university campus during a global pandemic. Please refer to the following resources as needed.

CARE @ Mines- Crisis support and reporting

Counseling center- virtual visits with therapists and outside referral

Mental health screening quiz (confidential and anonymous) that directs you to appropriate resources



 Jake Huang, Michael Knight, Elizabeth Palmiotti, Aidan Ravnik

Nick Rollman, Yewon Shin, Sarah Sortedahl, Edwin Supple, & Michael Walden

CCAC Lab Managers