Position Title: Post-Doctoral Researcher
Job Description: Post-doctoral researcher sought for full-time position at the Colorado School of Mines, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This position will focus on validating methods of single-crystal semiconductor substrate reuse via controlled spalling, in conjunction with high-speed epitaxial III-V growth of photovoltaics (video overview of technology here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sNqi8WJc9c ). Our group has a demonstrated history in this exciting research area; publications can be found here: http://packardgroup.mines.edu/PRG-Publications  and more information about the research group can be found here: http://packardgroup.mines.edu/

Cleanroom and semiconductor device processing knowledge and experience desired. Responsibilities include: designing experiments and process flow; processing semiconductor wafers using photolithography, physical vapor deposition, and electroplating;  material characterization through SEM, optical microscopy, and laser profilometry; preparing biweekly progress update presentations and quarterly updates to research sponsor; collaborating effectively with NREL partners through sample exchange, co-development of processes, and materials characterization; providing mentorship to a graduate student and undergraduate student on the project; maintaining excellent lab safety and a diverse, accepting work environment; and assisting with research group management (total of 4 graduate students, 1 undergraduate student, 1 technician).

How to Apply: Applicants will be asked to complete an online application (personal information, demographic information, references, veterans status) and upload a CV and cover letter describing relevant skills and availability date (required). References will not be contacted until later in the selection process and you will be informed before that contact is made.
Total Rewards: Starting salary will be determined by the qualifications of the selected applicant balanced with departmental budget availability, internal salary equity considerations, and available market information. Mines provides an attractive benefits package including fully paid health and dental insurance. Part of Mines’ mission is to create a family-friendly environment supported through our dependent tuition benefits, parental leave benefits, and dependent care assistance plan, as well as in special events, camps, and programming. For more information visit: family.mines.edu

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