Cristian V. Ciobanu

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Cristian CiobanuCristian Ciobanu has earned his BSc (Physics, 1995) from University of Bucharest, Romania, and MSc (Physics, 1998) and PhD (Physics, 2001) from The Ohio State University. After a postdoctoral stage in the Division of Engineering at Brown University, he joined the Colorado School of Mines in 2004, where he is now an Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

His research interests are in nanoscale surface problems, two-dimensional materials, materials for renewable energy applications, developments of evolutionary algorithms for computational materials design and optimization of atomic structures, self-organized nano and bio structures on crystal surfaces, among others.

Prof. Ciobanu received a Research Excellence Award from Colorado School of Mines (2013) and the NSF Career Award (2009-2014). He has authored/coauthored over 60 technical publications and coauthored a book on determination of atomic structure for nanostructures and surfaces.


Brown Hall W470A


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Recent Courses

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  • Advanced Thermodynamics
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