Liangzhu Zhu

Liangzhu ZhuI am currently a joint Research Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. My research interests and experiences cover: 1) Modeling, design, fabrication, and  testing of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs); 2) Stability of ceramic fuel cells and electrolyzers; 3) Reversible protonic conducting fuel cells (RePCFCs) for electrical power generation directly using ammonia (NH3) fuel and for direct NH3 synthesis from nitrogen and water steam; 4) Ceramic fuel cells/electrolyzers operated at low pressures ( < 10 bar); 5) Design, fabrication, and testing of fuel cell and electrolyzer cell stacks; 6) Advanced ceramic processing for porous or dense planar and tubular supporting substrates/membranes in fuel cells and battery applications via slip casting, tape casting (aqueous or organic based), hot-lamination, cold isostatic pressing, and die pressing; 7) Thin film deposition via drop coating, dip coating, spin coating, and spray coating processes; 8) ionic and electronic transport in predominately ionic conductors and in mixed ionic and electronic conductors; 9) thermodynamic and kinetics of oxidation and carbon monoxide poisoning on nano-sized platinum relevant to proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), 10) Materials synthesis via solid state reaction method and sol-gel processes; 11) Synthesis of electrode materials and fabrication of their films for lithium ion battery via tape casting, and assembling of rechargeable coin batteries; 12) Room temperature solid state batteries including fabrication of water and CO2 resistant Na-β”-alumina, Li-β”-alumina, and Ag- β”-alumina containing composite solid electrolytes for applications in sodium, lithium, and sliver solid-state and molten-salt batteries; 13) Growth of single crystals with one dimensional cleavage properties.


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