Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2021 11:16 AM
Subject: [External] FOM: non-billable account number

– This email was sent on behalf of David Diercks <> by the FOM system –
EM Lab Users,
FOM recently added a “nonbillable” account number for everyone. In some cases this appears to be set as the user’s default account. These non-billable accounts can be used for things that do not have charges associated with them, such as scheduling time in rooms. These are not to be used for the EM Lab instruments. For the EM Lab you should choose the appropriate index for billing your activity.
To help avoid the problem of using an incorrect index, FOM allows you to set the default account to use on a per instrument basis:
Go to “My Accounts.” Part way down that page is an expandable section entitled “Set default Account Number for each equipment.” Expanding that will show the list of resources you have access to and allow you to choose your default account for each one.
You can still choose an account other than your default account when you schedule, log in, or log out of an instrument.