Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics


The Atom Probe Tomography Laboratory focuses primarily on atomically precise measurements of materials, as well as processing of atomically precise materials.

Research Group

PI: Brian Gorman
Research Faculty: David Diercks
Graduate Student: Sami El Hageali, Sean Jones, and Edwin Supple
Undergraduate Student: Samuel Manzanares

The Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines is dedicated to the design, fabrication, and characterization of energy related materials and devices.

Research Group
PI: Ryan O’Hayre
Research Faculty: Nitin Kumar, Chris Cadigan, and Liangzhu Zhu
Post docs: Zenhua Pan
Graduate Student:Victoria Avance, Jake Huang, Jessica Lewis, Charlie Meisel, Meagan Papac, and Yewon Shin
Undergraduate Student: Anyka Bergeson-Keller

Our research investigates the micro- and nanoscale mechanics of materials in renewable energy applications — from membranes in fuel cells to thin films in photovoltaics — to connect material science structure-property relationships to real-world reliability.

Research Group
PI: Corinne Packard
Post docs: Jie Chen
Graduate Student: Anna Braun, Jason Chenencko, Jai Sharma, Sarah Sortedahl, and Savannah Ullrich
Undergraduate Student: Desmond Mills, Majid Mohammad, and Jack Kleikamp

The International Center for Multiscale Characterization (ICMC) focuses on critical issues in materials science while advancing the state-of-the-art in multiscale characterization. Of special interest are materials for photovoltaic, fuel cell, and ceramic applications, as well as lightweight alloys, composites, and membranes.

The Functional Ceramics Group focuses on the fabrication, integration, measurement, and analysis of functional electroceramics such as ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics for a wide variety of enabling applications.

Research Group
PI: Geoff Brennecka
Post docs: Sanaz Yazdanparast
Graduate Student: Dany Drury, Jacob Ivy, Valerie Jacobson, Megan Leppert, Allison Mis, Nick Rollman, Rachel Sherbondy, and Michael Walden
Undergraduate Student: Lanie Breckenridge, Mary Dougherty, Luc Hagen, Joey Kurutz, Colton Lowry, Kirsten Mertz, Joe Protiva, Paul Slayback, Jamie Tellez Gonzalez, Michael Thuis, Don Tran, Gregory Vigil, Noah Weiber, and Addison Wong

The Structural Ceramics Group focuses on Structural Ceramics.

Research Group
PI: Ivar Reimanis
Visitor: Dang-Hyok Yoon
Graduate Student: Amanda Bellafatto, Brian Davis, Dylan Jennings, Michael Knight, and Jesus Vazquez
Undergraduate Student: Alice Cartes and Alexandria Mares