Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics


The Atom Probe Tomography Laboratory focuses primarily on atomically precise measurements of materials, as well as processing of atomically precise materials.

The Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines is dedicated to the design, fabrication, and characterization of energy related materials and devices.

Our research investigates the micro- and nanoscale mechanics of materials in renewable energy applications — from membranes in fuel cells to thin films in photovoltaics — to connect material science structure-property relationships to real-world reliability.

The Functional Ceramics Group focuses on the fabrication, integration, measurement, and analysis of functional electroceramics such as ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics for a wide variety of enabling applications.

The Mozur Research Group focuses on developing structure-property based design principles for oxide, halide, and hybrid organic-inorganic materials. We use optoelectronic measurements, magnetometry and advanced scattering to link material composition, local and average structure, and phase evolution to desirable magnetic, dielectric, and charge transport properties.

The Structural Ceramics Group focuses on Structural Ceramics.

Our research aims to combine synthesis of atomically controlled structures grown by thin film deposition such as MBE with detailed atomic and nanometer scale characterization by STEM for functional oxide materials. By seamlessly integrating precise materials control and detailed structural and chemical information makes an exciting pathway for materials development, discovery, and integration into practical devices.