CCAC Lab Safety

Google shared drive with Safety Data Sheets (DSD) and more: CCAC Labs

CCAC Lab Safety Committee

CCAC Lab Managers

Lab Number Lab Manager LM e-mail Faculty Member FM e-mail
HH316 Elizabeth Palmiotti Geoff Brennecka
HH318 Edwin Sullpe Brian Gorman
HH341 Yewon Shin Michael Sanders
HH351 Michael Walden Geoff Brennecka
HH371 Jake Huang Ryan O’Hayre
HH373 Sarah Sortedahl Ryan O’Hayre
HH375 Brian Davis Ivar Reimanis
HH377 Megan Leppert (3D printer) Ivar Reimanis
Michael Knight
Hot Glass Lab (Foundry) Nick Rollman Geoff Brennecka

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CCAC Lab Safety orientation

This training is required for BlasterCard access to teh CCAC labs. The traiing muct be refresed once per year. Inperson trainings are held twice per year. Please contact Kelly Ragland to find out about the next in person training.

After completing the training please answer these questions and contact Kelly Ragland to receive BlasterCard access to the CCAC labs.